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he ties a rope around his wrists
and watches as i work
to loosen it-
skin flaking off in bits,
fingerprints lost amongst the friction casualties.
he says his dna is spherical,
says this makes him special because
it looks like the moon, kristen, it looks like the fucking moon
and i can't tell him that his eyes
hold destroyed planets and scattered galaxies,
that the moon has pieces of it missing,
craters it can't fill with anything but nostalgia-
i can't tell him that that the moon
is only special because it's a victim of gravity;
it doesn't want to be here any more
than he does.
i can only look toward our hands,
tangled in a bloody mess of broken veins,
and hope that some day the sun will explode,
that the stars will manage to realign our fractured
and that we'll all be able to finally
go home.
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 22 10
the mountains ask me why i’m broken,
their voices thrumming through my tripping
heart and burrowing in
my bones.
i tell them i can’t explain why my fingers
can’t grasp their promises-
why we’re both too frozen to offer any warmth
as consolation.
they arch their spines in rigid acceptance,
palms braced against the sky
in prayer-
resignation is all they’ve ever known.
i carve myself into the earth,
breathe birth and bark and blood
and burrow into their sides-
they hide their tears in trembling lips
and sightless eyes.
it seems even the strongest of us
to crack.
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 22 4
i have a bird in my chest and
she's pecking at my ribs and trying to squeeze
between the fluted bones,
frantic heartbeat tripping over mine-
i feel her feathers
my lungs,
talons shredding threaded valves
and acid rising when she vomits
emaciated organs slic
ing and
sewing themselves back together
i'm the bird in my chest and
i want to pry myself open and rip myself
but i don't want to let this part of me
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 27 6
Mature content
helix :iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 20 15
he likes to shove glass straight down
my esophagus, tells me it's better
this way. says,
this'll make you puke
all the shit you just ate. don't
wanna lose your pretty figure,

so while he watches
i vomit bloody shards and retch
as acidic insecurities sear
the back of my throat and crawl
down my trachea-
gasp and fight to breathe
against the fragments wedged
in between my ribs.
it's been an eternity of broken clocks
and desiccated organs shriveling
back to perfection-
bones filed down with sandpaper,
rusting marrow cavities
(don't fix what's not broken.)
when i rinse my mouth, he smiles-
catches my hands, pulls me close, and
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 24 30
she claims
that you can spot virginity in the curve
of the hips.
i tell her
you can't see chastity in the way
the ilium crests, unless you fucked hard enough
to break it.
she smiles,
shows me the bruises carved into her bones,
traces the way his fingers held her-
what if you're already broken
to begin with?
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 33 9
i could tell you it's going to be hard.
i could tell you life is a roller-coaster
of heaven highs and lows that drag
you all the way to the core
of the earth
and then finds a way to somehow pull you
all the way
so it can break you all over again.
i could tell you he's going to love you-
i could tell you to stop worrying about
that first kiss you're not gonna get until
you're six
because honestly kissing's going to suck
until you meet him
and maybe even for a little bit after
until you guys get it
i could tell you to stop being such a bitch
to that chubby girl in your class
because one day after you move in the middle
of fourth grade you'll be bullied in fifth grade
and then as some sort of fucked up defense mechanism
you'll drop a metal seat belt on a little girl's head
just so they stop thinking you're weak.
i could tell you how it'll feel-
how one morning you'll wake up
in regret over every mean thing
you've ever said and i swear to g
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 37 28
misery only likes me naked
when the lights are off.
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 23 3
i trace the raised highways on his back
with seven ballpoint pens,
one for each pigment in a rainbow,
and tell him in depth how beautiful
he is.
his glance is paired with twisted lips
and white-knuckled hands clutching
his shirt-
how can i believe that when all you do
is find a way to color in
every goddamn imperfection?
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 50 17
with blood in her eyes and
tears in her hands, with
dirt on her knees and
scars on her neck,
she'll hold in-
security near
to her heart
and slow-
ly fall
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 36 10
he ends without curves, carves me into
the ground, forgets to separate my body
from the dirt-
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 25 7
Mature content
anathema :iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 19 6
i broke the sky to make you
and every time i dust your hips
with my aspirations,
i hear her weep
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 21 12
she told me i was her cliche.
today i found inspiration huddled
under the dining room table,
arms wrapped around her legs
and shredded post-it notes
like an ocean surrounding
her feet.
i never thought it possible
to see her look
so bitter.
i asked her why the hell
she decided to come back
after all this time.
she shrugged and gestured
to the scraps of paper
littering the ground-
i wrote your name two thousand times
to get you out of my head.
i burned every picture and tore
every poem.
trust me,
i'm not the one
who keeps
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 38 13
when he asked me how i wanted him to build the house,
i answered him truthfully.
i said i wanted the pillars to be made
of pages from every book ever written,
curled in on themselves until
they could hold a roman arch.
pour words, strong and weak, into
the earth instead of cement-
let it be flexible to adapt
to pressure.
build the walls from the ground up
through prose supporting the bricks
layered by memories forged
along the path we took
to arrive at eden.
tilt poems into pyramids above
our heads, ceilings just high enough
to be within earshot of every
laugh we'll ever make.
empty emotions into a template
of a window and slide it into
place without a way to get it
back out.

after i was done, we stood on that
vacant lot, ambiguous thoughts
flitting across his face and down
into my fingertips.
he told me i was crazy.
he told me i was beautiful.
he told me he would build it.
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 118 79
yesterday god planted a sycamore tree,
told me if i climbed it all the way
to the top he'd let the sun
etch itself into my veins.
the angels can't see you
when you're all the way
down here

today i snap my faith in half,
saw the trunk into two unequal
pieces, yell timber as it sways.
it disappears before the branches
touch the ground.
to his tears i explain how i've
never liked heights, never was one
for angels and taking my feet
from the earth.
i hold his hand as my melancholy
muscles force their way into
a smile-
but thanks for trying
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 14 21


the carcass disproves the four walls as
he stays up to count the cavalry that is her hair
    hoping that the four walls have not battered the ranks
and that she is not burdened by the causalities.
there are holes in those walls and false marrow
    in the floorboards of this union. he knows it as his eyes
begin to slip into the covers. 
even the barking phone of responsibility begins to dull
    as the night develops its negatives into memorized practices
and habits of old hobbies.
she will ask him to smile more  for the pictures
    and she will tell him he is helpful, the way he works
and the way he worries. he will
become a carcass of goodwill for her, a sacrifice
    to her enemy; to her. the four walls are blacker than before
she will tell him as he brushes new colors on.
he stays up to hear the soft mumbling of her army
    as they are flanked by the four walls. hoping that she will
wake up an
:icontristancody:TristanCody 4 1
grow, growing, growth
it's beautiful to witness dispassion
when the dreams
silently away from the body like a secret.
it's as if the moment meant to give my life surrender
guises as an average day with me
washing the dishes
sipping on coffee
ready for small reflections
how did it ended up like this?
'i'm not the kindred spirit
i once was. but no matter.
i'm late by 30 minutes
& life's moving without
ten years ago, i dreamed of writing short stories Time might consider having.
now i'm just running out of time and stories altogether.
worrying about how i'll make it
now considers small, grave details like
time management
and skills
and resumes
listen to me babble
like my 14-year-old self.
no wonder.
no wonder peter pan
never wanted to grow up.
it was never the matter
of never having fun
it was overthinking
about what was ahead
if i was gonna have fun
following my heart
& wake up with an empty
is a fear any parent
never wants for a child
but mine is when i take
a look at my
:iconbrokengod--veins:brokengod--veins 10 5
white noise; ice floes pockmarked 
like sea foam- washed up
like a whale corpse: 
drowned undersea. 
:iconwlgglytuff:WlGGLYTUFF 16 9
gomorrah's fleet
creep your shimmer in
on exigent ships,
ten thousand illicit grins.
you droop the neckline
further, beckon like
next time weaves the current.
pleaded in darting gazes,
shot out beyond those
lately, your flights
are dimmer.
your eyes glimmer
at the mention of the universe
throwing on a black hole-strewn
sweater—pulled tight—
you dance among the stars.
in time with the pulsing
of the patient sun
you draw the lashes out,
details like the devil
taught you.
your tongue's fork
pitched swell.
never deal in absolute
zero. your crisp rhythms
won't flow where oxygen
expires. maintain your
direly vulnerable form
here; no trajectory
is worth the risk.
you twirl once
to watch your hair
react, then again
to watch the world
impacted and set
look, the tower's charred
but your silhouette
continues to
let the shower water,
warm as fires in
the tropics, glisten on
your perfect skin.
you're a pillar
of immaculate salt
at the world's en
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 8 7
crawl from me,
hull damned to
dark voids and
lulled hands.
watching your exit
destroys me
look, you're apollyon
gnawing, i told you
stop calling
and yet
you lie.
stifle these fetid
hopes of mine.
escape my paradisal
cataclysm. i am
the end of
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 7 13
don't die
don't let the dim night
kiss your open palm
with lucid flowers and
gain consent.
don't be enamored with
lent earth and the deliberate
lace of her wasping
let she be
a hurtling spheroid
suffering you
to persist.
don't eye the dust
of the pasture, the sins
of your laughter, the rivulets
of pure bliss
streaming from your youth
to your ducts.
don't let the silence
speak such that it
quiets you.
let me find you.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 18 3
i. my voice
when i opened my mouth
for the first time,
i felt my tongue shatter
behind my teeth
and cut trenches where all english
fell, sputtered, and drowned.
it is from those
genocidal ruts
that i called out to you,
gurgling some malformed treatise
in the illeism
of a blood-drenched fool.
ii. my hands
trembled, so fitfully
that the pit of my stomach
seemed concete. wrung over
ends like paper, sliding
with the aid of
grit, coarse. tearing
at surfaces without
tangents, dry as the
way that the sun
watched me set.
iii. my failures
when i open my mouth
for the last time,
my will tattered by the ages
of information,
how will my spine
be posed?
will my damned vertebrae
separate, severed by
forced hands?
will my column collapse
into a bed of roses
if i stand,
will it follow?
i will ready
to forget.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 8 7
make me
unhinge this jaw;
dry quaking of hemlock
kneaded into unkempt maw.
don't stop.
teem and release your all
in dangerous attempt
to deplete the vault.
we may be alternating
between dusk and dawn
without considering
the poisons we draw,
but take me
in binges; fall deep
and tinge your ligaments
at my leisure. keep
calling me, fevered.
crease your fingers
around; let breathing
leave no inch between.
little lingering thoughts
and cold sweats,
and the best
is yet.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 15 4
marsh voltaire
recall me as the empty,
my dearth excels your need.
you spill a sea of terminuses
quivered at the knee.
decry the east like fire,
bright burning in your lake.
don't look to me, my writs don't see
your liberty's at stake.
reef scratches on your passions
and lips sticking without speed.
you're apt to switch your capsules out
for fastidious bleed.
despise our axes opposite
and spurn the rules awake.
don't ever test the trusted chest
or run the risk of fake.
steady your fleeting handprints
'fore the pressures echo three.
your silver teeth in permanent
delivery of greed.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 9 6
sweater weather
you drug a rut in the court
to curl in my comfort,
stung deep in my slumber
and fumbled with the buttons
to shutter in. sung sweet
and lungingly butted up against,
your thunder dressing prints
upon my undone chest.
you were once undressed,
now your drunk lungs
ingest summer in the tundra's
wince. plundered stitches keep
heat defensed and indeed,
we've denser inches than
numbers attest. sleep,
lover, we are one
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 8 2
tame your slender offering
and make the rending cease.
i have been alive for eons
and take pleasure in the least.
there are few remaining embers;
we have all been crossed.
but we few will flow together
and exhume the frost.
we are lacking chambers
that can safely fail.
broken glass and arteries,
indentions in the grail.
collect our filaments with binding,
savor every snaking trail.
we're the guardians of aether
fog admist the undervale.
there have not been digits
that refused the break.
see the bodies broken
taking breaths beneath the lake.
we do not stay silent,
we breed echoes conjugate.
they are thinner still
and we've no chance of fate.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 18 6
pluto's crave
i look like a shadow
and you don't
you look like an arrow
of sharp want
i feel like the gallows
and you're drunk
we've destroyed the bedroom
and old earth
you shouldn't ask me
i've been at the precipice
there aren't saints here
i've been dire for
lately i feel unclean
but you won't
understand an inkling
in my throat
i feel like there's grumblings
of our death
we've deployed the slumbering
and gross lunge
you should not have
taken me to genesis
there aren't snakes here
play the lyre for
i look, light and
hallowed evenings
crumble with deceit
we've wondered when
the pillars would shake
you should
bask in your importance
we have given orders
and none of us dismay
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 9 4
lumbering, your precious
once before. now the shuffle
of appendages, nails
across the floorboards. creak
and don't be slow love, time
wastes. we are but an order
misplaced and alight.
drawn in lightning raced
across empty space, shadows
and denial. trials overcome
presented as correctness;
we have been selected
by society, and nature
can go fuck itself
during our dissection
of the empire.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 5 0


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